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    Thanks. I appreciate that. Maybe we can Skype on Friday? I live in PA and work in NY so during the week is difficult for me. Let me know if Friday works for you. Thanks, KB

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    Friday after 3PM and before like 9PM works for me. PM me your e-mail address and we can work it out.

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    Default denon sc3900 and denon 1600mixer with traktor setup

    Hi I need some help setting up my Denon Sc3900 with Traktor Pro. I went through all the Youtube videos on how to setup my 3900 with Traktor but only the cue button on the 3900s work. I've also downloaded the latest firmware of the 3900 so far but still nothing works only the cue button. The midi buttons on the mixer works but when I do something on the mixer it doesn't show on Traktor. Need som help plz!!!

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