NeedleDrop music app to find new releases of trance, club etc
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    Default NeedleDrop music app to find new releases of trance, club etc

    I'll first start with letting you guys know this is an app I've created with a friend of mine. So if you feel that is spam somehow, stop reading . (please don't, it's a great story )

    But since I'm a digital DJ (using my Numark 4Trak since recently, love it) I'm always looking for new hot dance music (mostly club, house and trance). Then I noticed it was always hard to find new music easily, without visiting lots of websites, clicking myself into an RSI-injury, or it just wasn't fun to check out new cool tracks.

    Therefore I started to transform an idea of me and a friend of my into our first own built app for the iPad. I'm probably one of the biggest users now, but I'm still wondering how other people think of this app. I wanted to create an app which gave me the opportunity to listen to new tracks easily and it should feel like I would be visiting a record/vinyl story when I was 18.. Asking for cool tracks in the 'trance' category, checking out those records with cool covers, listening to suggestions from that guy behind the desk, and most off all, check out that hottest track or remix which just came in that morning :P.

    Then the idea of NeedleDrop came alive, and now we've built a legal music app which give you the opportunity to check out those new release by just swiping through that 'wall' and 'putting' some vinyl on the 'wheels of steels' and jumping throught the track by lifting and putting down that 'needle' . We've just updated the app to remove some problems (bugs, unfortunately) but also implemented a lot of new categories and update the loading speeds even more.

    I won't post a link to avoid spammy thoughts, but I'm just so excited about the update today that I wanted it to share in here and of course hoping for you people to check it out and let me know your honest reactions. also I'm wondering whether it is working great or not (since I'm from Holland, it might respond differently in the UK or US for example), and I'd be glad to know whether this stuff is useful for you, as I think it is but I'm now in the mood for making it even better!

    Just one screenshot to make you drewl a bit
    Screenshot - Screen 01 - flat.jpg

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    Almost like searching through the vinyl bins and chilling at the single deck having a listen!

    I like that man!

    Any chance of a coffee to go with it?

    Good fucking job!
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    Thanks:-) . I will try to put in some coffee machine asap:-)

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    First of all.
    The adds are extremely obnoxious.

    I keep getting IP errors and can't download tracks after browsing a few records. This isn't so much a knock on your app because I can't track the issue ATM and will check when I get home from work.
    Could you add an Indie Dance genre?
    Also from where do you pool all the music releases?

    Looks promising. I'll give more suggestions when I get home...

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    Sorry that the question is completely off-topic. But what kind of genre is "club" supposed to be? Sounds like a weird genre designation.
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    @Space monkey; thnx for your comments! Criticism is welcome as well, don't bother. It helps making the app better. But the ads are just on the bottom of the app (they should be), so why are they annoying? Nevertheless I check whether this should be possible otherwise. The IP problems are weird, do you mean you have connection errors? That's a real bug, so I'll check that asap. Any positive things ?

    @3heads; in the app no club genre is available I believe, only variations of club, but with club it's mostly club house music, that's the definition in Holland mostly. But that's close to Germany

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