Pickup notes on clips?
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    Default Pickup notes on clips?

    Is there any easier way to include the pickup notes on certain clips in Ableton other than starting the clip a measure early?

    And if there isn't an easier way, which is the best way to add extra moments of silence to the beginning of a song/clip so that I can extend it to a full measure?

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    You could use follow actions to have a measure of mostly silence, with the pick up on the 4th beat or so. Then just set it to follow into the rest of the clip, which could play through normally or loop cleanly if you wanted it to.

    Best answer I can come up with anyway, not sure how you'd have it be a single clip without the silence in it.

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    If the pickup note is repeated at the end of the clip, you could set the start point towards the end of the clip and adjust the clip's launch quantization to match.

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