What do I do when my midi controller stops during a set?
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    Default What do I do when my midi controller stops during a set?

    What do I do when Omni Control no longer responds while I'm in a set? Traktor was still playing but my midi controller froze up. I mixed for 30 minutes with no problem then the sound cut out a few times, then the controller just stopped. It's the audio card in this thing, it stinks. Sound drops out, changed all the latency settings, disconnected my internet, need a different audio card I guess. I'm playing at a party on June 13th, what should I do if this happens again?


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    This happened to us at our last jam. My friend brought some tracks on a usb stick and it caused the controller to basically die on him. Luckily my KB is pretty much got all the controls mapped out (not to mention covered in labels!) and he was good to go till we sorted the issue. I would suggest mapping some of the more important functions to your keyboard such as play/pause, XF and eq's. It doesn't have to be extensive mapping but just enough to keep going if you are in that situation! Also if you are running through an external mixer its a good idea to have an ipod or something plugged into a spare channel with a mix ready to go, then if you have controller issues you can do a crossfade to the ipod and no-one will be the wiser till you are sweet again.
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