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    this is one of the more bearable celeb dj's, and if he's been doing it since 15 then more power to him. I wouldn't wanna be around when he gets into the mix and gets jumping around though
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    No No....lets not get this wrong.

    He is not a Celeb DJ.

    Someone found a mix of his on SoundCloud and made a post on it.

    Sure, he happens to be a top UFC fighter, but I would hardly call him a celeb...YET.

    And like I said, once you see him headlining....then he is a Celeb DJ.
    HE used the fact that he is in the UFC to get him gigs.

    If he got gigs on his mixes merit, then that is not a Celeb DJ....not like PaulyD etc anyways.

    He made a mix and put it up on SoundCloud. How many youngsters do that? LOADS.

    So I would not say he is a Celeb just sounds derogatory.


    I know I know....defending him and all....but its the truth. So just setting it straight!

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