Rising and falling pitch--- can i keep it in-key automatically?
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    Default Rising and falling pitch--- can i keep it in-key automatically?

    As i'm not so good in english i find it a bit hard to explain... XD
    i need to create a sound similar to the "blip" in avicii's levels, starting at 4:04 wich suddently rises and slowly falls down in the next 16 bars or so.

    Doing this with pitch automation in the clip envelope is reeeeally simple, but i can't keep the "blip" in key with the song, as the pitch will pass through all the semitones, sounding pretty bad.
    Is there a way to create that sort of sound keeping it in key, but without writing manually note by note in the clip?

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    Try an arpeggiator. You can pick which steps you want and the steps will change key based on your note

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    Is the sound that you have now a smoothly changing pitch or is the automation playing wrong notes?

    If it's smooth, use something like Antares AutoTune
    If it's just wrong notes, Ableton has an effect to shift the notes you're playing to a key…like AutoTune does for audio.

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    You dont have to have EVERYTHING in key...

    Ill put money on saying that riser isnt in key the whole time....

    But if you absolutley HAVE to, the easiest way in ableton:

    1. Find your blip sound,
    2. tune it to exactly C,
    3. put it in simpler/sampler
    4. draw the notes in rising from bottom to top (keeping within the scale)
    5. if you want to make it a bit more natural add some slide/portamento

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