Anyone here follow E3?
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    Default Anyone here follow E3?

    I love my video games and have been a big nintendo fan for a long time (smash bros. anyone?) but man was I disappointed with the Wii. Yes it had some good games (zelda, red steel 2, mad world) but anything that was a multi platform game was just a watered down version with horrible graphics.

    I thought Nintendo was going to blow me away with the Wii U this E3 but I was let down. They're making the mistake of having too many control options for their system (the tablet controller, the wii remote, and a classic controller) all they are doing is eating up development time and making developers have to choose which controller they want to develop a game for. Most will probably make a crappy map available on the tablet screen or just opt to make a game that uses the normal controller.

    The one thing that did impress me from this conference was the game Watch Dogs, its a game that plays off the idea that all our data is out in the open and we've basically lost our privacy, except for one hacker.

    Anyways that's my rant, anyone else check out the conference or a gamer?

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    From the little I did follow of it, seemed like Ubisoft was the big winner.

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