DDM4K + Audio 6 + S2
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    Default DDM4K + Audio 6 + S2

    Hey all,

    So I recently loaned my two CDJs to my friend who expressed interest in learning how to DJ and have acquired an S2. I love the S2, because it lets me do everything I was able to do while using my DVS setup, however, I'd like to keep my DDM4000 in the picture, because there are a few workflow quirks I have that the S2 isn't able to accommodate. The main one of these is the assigning of all the sample decks (or should I say, remix decks now, because I'm on 2.5) to a separate channel on my DDM4000. What I'd like to setup looks like this:

    Deck A & B go into one channel on the DDM4000 with the fader always up. I'd then cue A and B via the faders on the S2. I'd then like to route the sample decks to a separate channel which I can then kill/EQ the way I want to.

    This seemed easy, until I realized that Deck B is audible even with the S2's fader down, and the cueing is broadcast out into the main mix. How to I prevent this? I know it's probably a simple matter of inputs/outputs setup, but I'm a bit stumped at the moment. Any help?
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    for deck A&B wouldn't you just route the audio through the S2 as normal then just connect the master out on the s2 to one of the channels on your DDM4000? Saying that I'm not sure then if you could route your remix decks through the audio 6 at the same time. I don't think Traktor allows the use of 2 sound cards.
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