EQing Vocals, Drums etc,
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    Default EQing Vocals, Drums etc,

    Does anyone know anything about EQing vocals out of a song, or taking the vocals from a song to create a remix. A link to another source of info would be great, or direct feedback would be even better . I've been dying to understand how remixers do it. Thanks

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    Most Remixers ( especially big name producers) are probably using Stems(obtained through record label/artist), which are little bits and pieces broken down by each track(bassline,vocal, synth, etc,). The other way to do this is by just finding the acapella, which most singles released nowadays have an acapella(hip hop/top 40 atleast). EDM is whole nother issue.

    There are other means for 'extracting' vocals, and it has to do with filtering out the left and right channel and just picking up the vocals in the center. However in my experience, this does not come out exactly like an acapella, as the background track is still slightly audible.

    Best bet to is find those acapellas or contact some labels to see if they will send you the stems. A lot of new artists CD are coming out with access to Stems, such as Depeche Mode, or Lily Allen. You have access to the stems and can legally remix the song, just by buying their album. Hope this helps

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    Also take a look at this thread:

    where a capella are discussed and also Monika.mhz suggest that the voice can be ripped from one of the channles of a 5.1 disc

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    not sure how much it's done still today, but i know in the hip hop/top40 scene i can still find vinyls with the instrumental/a cappella on them as well as the single itself.
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