How do you guys calibrate your monitors/subs in your home setups? Not looking for any crazy scientific methods but rather just sharing some tips on things like:
- what tracks do you use to listen to freq ranges
- do you try to use spl meter balancing? I did this once a while back but used a friends cheap spl meter. I basically used unweighted mode and measured a few pink noise freqs so that they all wound up at ~80 db (or maybe 85, I cant quite remember). I really dont know if I did this right tho.

I am curious as I sometimes feel like my highs are out of balance and sometimes feel like my lows are out of balance. its not too bad and im thinking its probably certain tracks quality and not necessarily the tuning of the system.

Im using:
- 2 SDJ05's with EQ turned off
- KRK 10s sub with 50 hz crossover setting and vol turned ALL the way down
* I understand that the crossover setting is typically supposed to be set to match the rating of the monitors (the SDJ05 are 50 hz according to the manual <right?>)

My levels on all my signals are at optimal range:
traktor channels + master are right below the RED mark
mixer channels are slightly above the 0 db mark
mixer master is slightly above the 0 db mark
** I use master vol to control the volume if I dont want to listen too loud, etc so I realize this is not optimal since Im taking the master down from 0 db <right?> but it is what it is.. Is there a better way to control the vol while keeping the mixer master vol at optimal level (0 db).

My monitors are wall mounted, slanted downwards and setup in a triangle fashion
The sub is in the corner of the room about 5-6 feet away

I think I've tuned this approximately right. Any simple things you guys might suggest?