control mp3? (warning: pointless)
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    Default control mp3? (warning: pointless)

    I can't think of any actual reason for anyone to ever do this, but it's an amusing idea, and I'm morbidly curious as to if this is possible. This cheap $100, "media player" got me thinking...

    In theory, if you ripped the audio from a control CD, put the mp3 on a flash drive, played it on this thing, and ran the sound into a traktor/serato box, you would have an ultra high-resolution standalone deck controller for 100 bucks. Would this work?

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    Technically, yes you should be able to do that with traktor scratch or serato just like a normal cdj.

    Not sure I would call it ultra high-resolution and dj tech stuff feels really meh and I also don't see them selling for $100. I would rather just use MIDI to be honest. I really doubt the timecode performance and platter response on those things would beat a standard midi controller like the denon dnsc2000s or the new behringer ones coming out. I really hate cheap cdjs/players while it's harder to mess up midi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xonetacular View Post
    and I also don't see them selling for $100.
    Yeah,the skratchworx link says 349$....
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    it also has a pitch resolution of 0.1bpm/0.15bpm according to the article (not 0.01bpm like 14bit midi) so unfortunately there goes the ultra high resolution theory.
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