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    Not sure if this is already a software issue but when I use the turntable fx the track doesn't slow down then stop or back play. Instead the track keeps playing but you can hear the effect in the background. Tried the wet/dry knob on full open. All it does is increase the volume of the effect much like with an echo or flanger. With the effect on and full open, you can hear it slow down then dead silent. But it doesn't stop the track. Cause when you turn it off, it doesn't start where you hear the silence. I can also tell by looking at the waveforms because usually the waveforms also slow down then stop but with me the speed/tempo of the waveforms are still the same and continues to run even when you're already hearing the track slowing down and supposedly stopping. Any thoughts?

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    (This is not a troll right?)

    Why do you expect that the waveform would slow down or even stop? It's an effect applied on the audio.
    It's not a turntable 'stop' in the physical deck sense if you prefer.
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    Map a pair of buttons to the tempo bends and set it as progressive. Hold down the button and it will stop the waveform as well. That is as close as you would get to what you want. Yul already explained how the FX works.

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