Buffer Effect... does what Im looking for exist?
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    Default Buffer Effect... does what Im looking for exist?

    Ill keep it short. Is there an audio effect exist that buffers an audio range (1 bar, 2bar, 4bar, ect) and automatically slice that buffer to a midi trigger range?

    And if not, would someone out there help me make this, LOL.

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    Sounds like the slicer that the novation twitch does in itch, Im sure someone else will be able to elaborate.

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    there is one in VDJ created by "Deun - Deun" aptly named "beatslicer". When activated it instantly records the following 8 beats, which you can play with 8 buttons of the effect, using 4 different roll sizes 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1. It's not active like itch so if you want to change the recorded measure you need to re-initiate the effect but it works well enough.

    I also made a mapping that actively jumps between 8 beats while the track is playing which is similar to itch, but it doesn't quantize so depends on the users timing to play the right beat.. It's in the midifighter mapping I posted on here.
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