Ben Muetsch - Day One EP // Dance Through Life Records [007DTLR]
Genre: Tech-House,Deep House,
Release Date: Apr 26 2012
Label: Dance Through Life Records

1 Ben Muetsch - Day One (Original Mix)
2 Ben Muetsch - Funky Drummer (Original Mix)
3 Ben Muetsch - Love Rhythm (Original Mix)
4 Ben Muetsch - Moods (Original Mix)

with Luciano's support, Omid 16, Stacey Pullen, Grant Peterson, Norman Hines, Darin epsilon and many more !! Enjoy it !!!

Release Info:

Born in 1987 in Stuttgart, Germany, music played a big role in Ben's life. As a child he experimented with small-sized keyboards and played guitar a bit, followed by drumming for more than a decade., , In 2006 Ben really got into electronic music and played as a DJ in many clubs in and around Stuttgart until now., , Also, Ben started several off-location partys in the dull scene of his hometown to colour up the electronic music culture with his buddy Simon Jonas., , 2010 Ben developed deep interest in studio gear and electronic music production, started again playing keyboards/piano/synths again., , For now, many things are planned. Together with Simon Jonas, the project Sample Patriotism was born to release their very personal interpretation of more experimental electronic music.

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