A lost noob in need of guidance
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    Default A lost noob in need of guidance

    I'll just start off by saying that I've never mixed before. Ever. My experience in the realm of DJing is 0. I have wanted to learn for years but lately, I felt a huge urge and I finally made the plunge. That being said, I went ahead and ordered a S2 off the site. I know this is probably not the route most people go. I've heard a lot of people saying they started with simpler programs/controllers but I just said to hell with it and bought it. I only want to do it as a hobby and was just looking for something to meet my needs and that I could grow into.

    Now that that's all out of the way, I need advice on learning. What would you guys recommend as the best way to start from scratch and learn? How did you learn yourself? Should I read a book, watch videos online (which I have started doing), mess around with it and learn on my own? It seems like most of the amateur videos I've watched are on programs like Virtual DJ since it is more basic. I'm just hoping Traktor is fine to learn on as well. I'm going to find a way to learn regardless, but I'm trying to get some pointers from more experienced people as to cut down the amount of frustration and hair pulling in the process. THANK YOU!!

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    i would say enjoy your new toy and play play play.... learning will take time but it is a fun ride Oh and buy some decent speakers
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