Vcm-100 vs. vci-100
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    Default Vcm-100 vs. vci-100

    I am a beginner digital DJ looking to build my set-up.

    I'm looking for a midi-controller and have become mainly interested in the vestax vci-100 and the vcm-100.

    What are the comparative advantages and disadvantages of the two? My style deals mainly in electro/indie/breaks/downtempo and some house.

    Additionally is it worth paying 550$ instead of $375 for the vci-100 SE. What benefits would this bring and would the wait be worth it?

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    the vcm includes a decent, but not great, audio interface. that being said, it really lacks a lot of versatility when it comes to actual DJing (like no jog wheels etc.). i also recently started and I decided on getting an external audio interface (audio kontrol 1) and a vci-100.
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