The Concept of a Remix
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    Default The Concept of a Remix

    A long time ago in a studio far far away, I was told that a remix is supposed to be a complete and total 2nd take on a song that uses the same instruments. Some where else i was told that all a remix requires is a new set of lyrics. "But what if the song doesn't have lyrics?" Then it has to use different instruments i was told.

    Right now at this very moment my facebook feed is being flooded with "remixes", but none of them are like either of the above. They are all minimally changed and easily mistakable for the original song if you ask me. SO by that logic they are not remixes. But when i confront the "remixer" they claim the song is a remix.

    All of this has led me to wonder:

    What truly defines a remix? What has to be changed or added to consider it a remix? And what is the absolute least you can do to a song to consider it a remix? If you remix a remix is that considered a VIP or is that only when you remix your own recording?

    Thanks for your help, it shall be greatly appreciated.

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    A remix is simply a different take on a track using various elements of it to create a new version.

    Could use same melody
    Could use same vocal or modified vocals
    Could use same melody different synth
    could use snippets of the original track
    could have an added drum beat
    could have no drumbeat
    could use altered or re-recorded vocals
    could have a different intro outro (dj mixes).
    Could be completely different melody with same vocal

    All or one of the above would be considered remixes - sometimes a remix could sound NOTHING like the original in any way ...there is no pre-determined "this must be this way" to be a remix.

    Example below - I struggle to see the similarities (the slight vocal wantto wantto wantto is about it).

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    +1 Deevey

    A remix is exactly what it sounds like - a re-mix.

    If anything is edited, added or removed it's a remix.

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    Also, when producing a Remix you generally have the original individual elements of a track ("Stems") available. If you start with nothing else but the finished track, it's usually called an Edit.

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