Connecting traktor with CDJ 850/1000/2000
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    Default Connecting traktor with CDJ 850/1000/2000

    Hello everyone,

    I've been DJ'ing for a while with midi controllers, such as hercules RMX, Traktor S4, ...
    But now I'm going for a pioneer CDJ 850,1000 or 2000. The thing is a lot of people are telling me different ways to connect a pioneer with your laptop ( especially with the software Traktor ). I've been looking around for tutorials, information from users that have pioneer and I got pretty confused of how you set up your pioneer with Traktor. The thing is, I would really like to have my laptop connected to it, so I can have a better view over my tracks. Many people so far, have been telling me that an audio card is a must. But then someday I've seen a tutorial on youtube, where a guy shows he is just running his laptop with the CDJ 1000 mk3 and it is without an audio card, directly connected to the laptop and he can perfectly mix.

    So my question is, is an audio card needed, or how do you guys connect your laptop with a pioneer?
    Do you also need a special mapping ?

    I would appreciate to have some information !

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    not sure about the CDJ 850's capability without googleing it.

    The CDJ 1000 (correct me if I'm wrong here) is from an older generation of Pioneer CDJ's that came before Rekordbox and USB HID/Midi control built into the CDJ. I don't think this can connect to Traktor or other midi software directly without a sound card. Therefore you would be using it solely with timecode control through a separate sound card.

    The CDJ 2000 (and 900) Have built in sound cards which can be connected to Traktor and other DJ Software. Serato and Traktor have built in support for these and you can use up to 4 CDJ 2000's/900's connected via USB. These control the software and sound is outputted through each individual CDJ's sound card.
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    I was searching the same subject couple of days ago and ı come up with this :

    This has answer all to our questions.
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    If u want to use the cdj 1000 with traktor software you either need a separate traktor scratch certified soundcard (ie, audio4/6/8/10).

    You could have traktor scratch certified mixer (djm 850/900 denon x1600 i think and some more).

    Then you only need the mixer and can connect the cd players as normal through rca to your mixer and use them as DVS.

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