idea from the deadmau5 debate
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    Default idea from the deadmau5 debate

    i remember reading bout trying to bring the fun bout live performance. the same way when playing a guitar on stage. then this idea came. why not play your tracks my scratch. picture this. your got a stadium gig, fans out yelling your on stage with nothing but midi controllers and your pc. your run ableton live and you make the beat to your top song all over again. then you play your lead and your record it live so you can loop it. then you add more tracks in till you can build up the song and then do your thing as playing the loops in your songs.

    when i think of that i see myself with a custom mad midi guitar. fender body with arcade buttons on the fret board and pick up area.

    what are thoughts on this idea. would you add anything too it or dissagree?

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    Putting together a top track is not just about arrangement and adding the bits of audio etc.

    Its about the automation and polish that gives the track character. Without it, it always sounds very generic.

    This is the problem with playing live. You can polish a track on the fly easily.
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