Classic Club Track. What Genre Would You Label This Today ?
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    Default Classic Club Track. What Genre Would You Label This Today ?

    What a groove:


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    tech house?
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    When I bought the vinyl it was considered progressive house. But progressive can be an evolving genre. I thought Chus and Ceballos were sort of tribal progressive but now I find myself appreciating the percussive based tech house these days.

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    Tech House or maybe Progressive.

    edit: I swear I typed that before I saw your response.
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    Killer tune. Proper old prog house. Sasha used to play this sort of stuff prior to his ableton phase.

    I still play this record alot too from Peace Division

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    Just chiming in - for sure back in the day this was labeled prog house. By today's standards, beatport would definitely label it tech house in my opinion. Sounds more house than techno to me, which is why the prog label was more appropriate. I own this record, or at least - I used to. It's either misplaced or someone borrowed it 10 years ago and never returned it to me... I was actually looking for this track a few months back and was pissed because I couldn't find it. Great song, with a great break.
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