Well some of you might have noticed me spamming the forums and blog posts with all my experiments in the last few days. I finally got somewhere and now I have hotcue 1-8 support in a DJTT overlay friendly way (requires bome's).

However being a programmer by day, I wanted to make sure that I can track my changes and maybe also better merge new ideas from you guys into my configs. So without further ado I am announcing a good code project for the DJTT community. I have put my own Traktor Pro config there as a start. I am hoping that Ean will also adopt it for how TSI's and configs. That being said, I have noted else where that the Traktor Pro config format is actually not a very good fit for version control software solutions. I hope (again hopefully with the support of Ean) that I can work with NI to improve things down the road. At the very least putting your config in the repository will ensure that you have a backup you can go back to. So its not without value even for Traktor Pro configs.

I am of course willing to help the interested in learning the basics of how to use the subversion repository to store their configs and retrieve those of others.