Sound Card Advice: To go with VCI 100, traktor and macbook
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    Default Sound Card Advice: To go with VCI 100, traktor and macbook

    Above set up, I stupidly bought a Behringer UCA202 thinking it would do the job so I could have output to the speakers and an output to my headphones to cue the next track but I have been informed it can't do that job *duh*

    So what are your suggestions for a cheap sound card that can fulfil my needs?

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    this one is inexpensive:

    I used it a few years ago and it has a microphone input too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by loverocket View Post
    I completely agree. I have the same setup as you (VCI100, Traktor, macbook) + the dj i/o, and for what I do (house parties and sometimes the tiny dance hall on campus) its all you need. Unless you're performing at larger venues, e.g. clubs or loud bars, you should be good.
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    You got powered speakers?

    Id say audio 2
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    +1 on the audio 2.
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    Yeh that really is the toss up by the sounds of it, audio 2 for 80 OR THE DJIO for 70. Im guessing the audio 2 is worth the extra ten quid over the djio?

    Got M-Audio AV-40's just now yeh.

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