Before Adele,Alice Russell,Duffy and Joss Stone there was Lisa Stansfield. Over the course of 24 years and six albums, the British singer has amassed a collection of fantastic soulful tunes. With the majority of today's female singers being Mariah Carey clones, and non talented autotuned hacks, this mix delving into the talent that is Lisa Jane Stansfield in a must for all music lovers.

With so many solid tunes from Stansfield I decided to break the mix into two; Part One is more the souful side and Part Two features more up-tempo tunes.

It's Got To Be Real
I Will Be Waiting
First Joy
Symptoms Of Loneliness & Heartache
You Can't Deny It
My Apple Heart
All Around The World (Live)
Kool & The Gang ft. Lisa Stansfield - Too Hot
Mighty Love
Set Your Loving Free
Something's Happenin'
Make Love To Ya (Live)
You Know How To Love You
Little Bit Of Heaven
Love Without A Name
Don't Leave Me Now I'm In Love

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Lisa Stansfield Part One