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    Default Anyone ever painted their controllers with automotive paint?

    My thrilling day job is as an inventory manager and paint mixer for an auto body shop. As such I mix and create a lot of interesting colors for everything from compact Toyota's to Ferrari's custom painted with matte finishes. I had this idea pop into my head not to long ago while mixing up some bright yellow paint. Has anyone ever painted their controller with automotive paint? It seems like it could work, and give a cool looking element to a mostly mundane object.

    Now before people jump in and say solvent paint isn't safe, I agree. My shop is 100% water based paint, so there isn't any risk there at least that I know of. The only risk I can foresee is failure, but it's a Mixtrack (Not even pro) so the loss won't be too bad if I ruin it. I am looking to see if anyone had any similar ideas/projects and how the turned out. Also, what kind of steps did you take?


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    just pull it apart, give it a really thorough prepsol to get rid of any silicon coatings from the factory, give it a good scotchgaurd to give the paint something to stick to, prepsol again "silicon will cause fish eyes in the paint" then the most important step is to use plastic primer, not acrylic or 2pack as plastic primer is flexible other types are not. then just paint as normal and coat in clear to finish.

    The problem you will have with automotive paint is it will scratch and chip easily, you can buy hard wearing 2pack clearcoats but they are substantially more expensive than standard insurance job clearcoat "at least they were when I was a spraypainter when I was 20.

    If you want something that will last but not offer the same quality finish your better off with vinyl stickers, styleflip and 12inchskins are the main suppliers in the dj world.
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