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    I am looking into various fixes and improvements for Ean's TSI. The first thing that became clear to me, is that it will be a world of hurt to keep in sync with Ean's mapping with my modifications. Also giving people my modification is also very hard. Even making sure that a fix makes it back to Ean is hard.

    So being a programmer by day, I looked at the XML format that NI uses for the preference export. Needless to say, its horrible.

    In the programmer world we have plenty of tools to track versions of code, easily merging differences, providing patches to selected changes etc. But with NI's format, these tools cannot really be leveraged. Therefore I started a feature request to get the export format revised. Please check out my post and +1 it or ask questions if you do not understand the value from my explanations. These kinds of tools have become so natural to me, that its hard to know what I need to mention to make people without experience with these tools how powerful they are.
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