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    Default Junxion mapping question

    Hi folks,

    Nice website you've got going on here. I've been lurking for awhile and finally Registered today.

    I've spent all Sunday trying to resolve an issue, banging my head against the wall, and I pray someone here is a JunXion expert.

    Basically, I'm trying to map the number pad on an external Dell computer keyboard to play midi notes C3-C4 (or 60-71 in numerical value). The value of number pad keys is "Dell USB: Key #0xffffff" with different numerical data values to distinguish the keys. For example, the button one is Dell USB: Key #0xffffff with the data value 44.33.

    In the Actions menu I have mapped the keys to specific midi notes using the Continue stage "if data is equal to" "fixed value" and then using the slider to enter the corresponding data value. In the Output stage I select the according note value.

    Everything works excellently up to this stage except ONE THING. Junxion is not sending a Note-off signal when I release the key! So I press the number 1 on the keyboard's number pad and it plays a continuous C3, even when I release the key. It's frustrating as hell because I can't figure out how to send a Note-off signal. And no, "Allow multiple note ons" is not selected.

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated! I've read through the manual I've been Googling this all day, but I have found nothing. I know I'm doing something wrong. What is it?


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    Default Problem solved

    Okay, nevermind. Here's the answer from the awesome folks at STEIM.
    if you open the junXion preferences window you wil see that you can set the maximum amount of sensors/device in the Human Interface Inputs pane. When you want to use a computer keyboard, the best thing to do is to set this to 100 or 200.
    Close the Preferences and in the Human Interface Evnts browser select your Dell keyboard. Below of the inputs named "Key #0xfffff" you will find a lot more other keys and these keys are actually switches.

    Key #0x4 = a, Key #0x5 = b, etc.
    Now for every switch you can make a Patch, the Action is using the data of the switch (0 or 127.0) and a fixed note number, the one you want corresponding to the key.

    Press the key: the note on event is sent, release the key: the note off event is sent.
    This is the easiest solution to your problem.

    The way you have done it can also work but needs more sophisticated Patches.
    Hope this helps,

    Frank Baldé

    Steim Foundation
    Achtergracht 19
    1017WL Amsterdam
    I actually tried his advice initially but I thought it wasn't working. That's because although there exists Key #0x4 when you rebuild the HID list with 200 or 500 sensors, it is much further down the list. At the top of the list there is still the Dell USB: Key #0xffffff with data values like 44.33. So I should have scrolled down the entire 200 sensors or whatever.

    Regardless, I'm so happy now that I've figured out what I was doing wrong and I'm posting this here in case someone else encounters the same problem.


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    Please post questions about mappings in the general forum, thanks. And in the future, please read the stickies and forum rules before posting.

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