Festival Songs and House Parties help!!!
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    Default Festival Songs and House Parties help!!!

    My set up is a traktor s2 with traktor pro 2. i also have and akai mpk mini mapped out to effect and cue points.

    I'm in college and i mostly dj house parties sometimes with 10 ppl all they way up to 200 ppl depending on the night. I'll play a wide variety of music usually but i usually like to play house, electro house, progressive house, and some trance if i can sneak it in.

    My question is how can i make songs that are made to be played at festival type setting sound better.. or not kill the vibe on the dance floor. if thats even possible.

    example of songs
    A heavy abacus-Qulinez Remix
    Atom-Nari & Milani
    Here We Go-Swanky Tunes & Hardrock Sofa
    Bong-Deniz Koyu
    basically big room house songs..

    I've only been djing for a few months so i apologize if i sound stupid.. i Just wann make my sets stand out about all the other djs at my school.
    Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Set progression. Build them up to it and hit them with it when you know its gonna work! You know its gonna work, cos the song before that worked and the song before that.

    If it doesnt work, then thats the fun of learning =) I've been doing it 12 years and I still get it wrong from time to time. We're just human.

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