Hey DJTT, I want to thank all the workers of DJTT that Stay on top of posting the best information on the home screen. for most you out there you might have seen their newer post about the website call "Mixify" well i made an account on there ( its free) and its basically a Live stream of your mix. I have never tested it out and i have not ever had a gig but it will be on Stream Live so feel free to drop in and check me out for the support...now please bear with me...i am thirteen and dont even have a full set so im using itunes as a second channel so please bear with me. i might not be too good but there is always the effort and practice that this gives me soo it will get better. i am hoping to start doing this on a regular basis to get my name known and my mixes heard. well please just stop in or RSVP on the site

Mixify Live Stream:http:http://www.mixify.com/djdescendent/e...-shaylas-party
Thanks again DJTT