Any coders / developers out there
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    Default Any coders / developers out there

    Alright people,

    i've had an idea for a portable DJ software and wondered if any of you guys were developers / coders, and to get your input.

    The idea sprang from going travelling and wanting to be able to take something light / easy to carry, rather than my laptop.

    Basically i had an idea for a portable / basic version of Ableton session view that runs on a netbook / linux device like G2PX or a homebrew PSP and borrowing some of the functionality from Traktor.

    In my opinion, the programme would need to do the following:

    * Fairly accurate / adjustable beat warping
    * Minimal CPU Load
    * Touchscreen compatible
    * 4 track only
    * Crossfader
    * Volume and EQ on each channel
    * Basic send and insert effects (reverb and delay)
    * Master level
    * Free / unwarped mode (with manual speed adjustment using a key combination - ie X + D-pad)
    * Pitch adjusting
    * Basic track trimming and editing for cuepoint juggling
    * Master clock
    * Basic Mix recording to SD Card

    I'm a user, not a programmer so i have no idea how much work is involved, but it does seem there's nothing else on the market like Session view that can be used in a practical context without having access to a more powerful computer.

    Also, i'd like to know the kinds of features (bearing in mind size / portability) that you'lld like to see on a small portable device, that isn't nesc. dedicated to DJing.

    Blue sky thinking only plz...

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    I think the upcoming Pandora would be your best bet for a device best suited to an application like this. It has a touchscreen and USB2 so a decent soundcard with multiple outputs could be used (most handhelds only have stereo output).

    The other thing I can think of is a homebrew program on the Nintendo DS that had basic scratching / dj'ing functionality. I think what you're asking for is quite a lot more complex than anything currently available... it's a nice thought though

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