yeah yeah yeah's - heads will roll (foulhouse bootleg remix)
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    Default yeah yeah yeah's - heads will roll (foulhouse bootleg remix)

    hey everyone,
    just thought id share my first release with you guys.

    done in ableton, with the help of NI massive.


    more to come soon.
    dj booth: macbook pro 15"/audio 8 dj/xone 32/vestax vci 100/vestax cdj05/2x stanton t-80/traktor
    production desk: iMac 20"/Yamaha HS80M/digi 002/focusrite octopre/m audio axiom 49/reason/ableton live

    DJ TANNER-foul house mixtape

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    I like this remix a lot. Better than most Heads Will Roll remixes. The Dance 'till you're dead dropping constantly is a bit obvious though.

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    1 word....WOW

    haha i agree when you say its better than most heads will roll remixes
    Macbook Pro - Traktor Pro - Vestax VCI100 SE - Maya 44 USB

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