Mellow-ish hiphop beat

Here's the sample:

(Took a couple different parts all from within the first 25 seconds)

So what I did was microchopped the sample so I could move single bell notes individually then added a bunch of distortion and then went to town:

Threw in some acapellas that I scratched in myself using FL Scratcher (it's actually a really cool little tool once you really figure out how to use it to it's best potential); figure this could be like a dope intro track for an artists like first mixtape/album mainly cause on the hook I left a space in between "Who Is It?" and "The Coolest Mother Fucker On The Globe" with the intention that the artist could say their own name in the space so it's like introducing themselves to the listener -- just an idea I had while making it to give a nice sort of niche spin to the track

Let me know if you dig the vibes/flip cause I'm really happy what I was able to turn that sample into on this one