I've acomplished one of my dreams! 9.58 minute long track!
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    Default I've acomplished one of my dreams! 9.58 minute long track!

    Hey Guys, so as the tittle says, I recently finished my last track which is 9.58 minute long.
    I grew a lot listening to progressive and psychedelic rock bands and fell in love with the epic long tracks these artists always made so when I got into music it was my dream to create a track that would last close to 10 minutes or something like that.

    Well here is the result, I made, I'm pretty happy as it is not a typical EDM song, I feel it more like a rock kinda crossover with electronic.

    Anyways, hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I made it!

    Feel free to check out my other stuff to if you like it!


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    Not bad mate. The only thing that really sticks out at me is the snare sample you have used. It sounds like a badly gated sample with tons of hat spill. Not sure if that was the effect you were after or not.

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    Not bad at all, not the kind of style for stuff I play but its definitely good to see people experimenting.

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