Well...I want to buy a Korg Kaoss Pad Quad and want to know how to connect it to my PA.
The matter is acutally pretty easy:
I want to use my controllers main output (chinch) and connect it to the Korg Quad.

From the Quad (chinch out) I wannt to splitt the signal to a pair of chinch going to my power amplifier and a pair of XLR going to my two active PA systems.
Basicly thats it.

I found a piece that looks like it could do what I want, but im not confident about it:
ART Cleanbox Pro - asfar as its a DI-Box Im not sure wheather it will split one chinch INPUT into chinch OUTPUT and XLR OUTPUT.


Here the link to the power-sheme: http://artproaudio.com/files/owners_...leanboxpro.pdf
The other Idea was to use a mixing desk. Behringer Xenyx 1204 for example or something like that.

My budget is pretty limited...max 130 euros for that chinch in/xlr and chinch out box.

In before: Why do I not use a mixer with send/return? - I dont have one.

Please help and give me suggestions.