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    Default Controller layout


    so ive done a bit of research and had a bit of help from some guys on here, and im gunna try and make my own controller using the halemicro UMC 32.
    it is inspired slightly by the famous midifighter, but also just by my desire to make stuff

    gimme some feedback on what you see here!

    basically its 4 banks of 16 arcade buttons and 12 knobs - check the attached pdf

    bank1 - fx. 4 knobs to select the fx in bank 1,2,3 and advanced, 4 knobs to control bank 1 (chained) and 4 to control bank 2 (advanced). there is then 1 row of arcades to turn on each of bank 1, one row to turn on each of the advanced, and 1 row to assign each deck to bank 1 or 2

    bank 2 - cues: one row of arcades per deck to drop cues, one row per deck to jump to said cues.

    bank 3 - loops: one row of arcades to drop a 1,28 bar loop and turn off all loops. second row of each deck then to start and stop loops, and to double/half loop length.

    does anyone have any recommendations on what they would do with the spare bank, or any changes/additions they would make to the existing banks or overall design?

    there we have it! in case anyone here cares ill be keeping people up to date with how the buiild goes, and probably be asking for some help along the way!

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    Looks nice, and yeah 10k linear pots are what you should use.

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    Why can't I view any of the photos or pdf files even though I'm a member?

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    i cant see anythin on that pdf eaither just a white box
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    Drew you must have acrobat uber edition because its blank.
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