Traktor S4 with APC40 ?
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    Default Traktor S4 with APC40 ?

    im new to this.. currently owning a S4 and APC40. i would like to know how do i get to use both. If you have the tsi mapping please email ( it to me with full details about it. i would deeply appreciate that!!

    otherwise can you somehow show me how to midi map with APC40 while using the kontrol S4

    thank you!!

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    thank you for your reply! i see those links are for individual mapping of each machine but how do i get the mapping for both when use together?

    *i don't know if this subject has been discussed but i couldn't find any

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    First import S2 mapping from bigger Import button from bellow left of the screen, than would be able to click "ADD" tab from upper section of screen and import your second tsi from there.

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    sorry i don't quite understand what you mean, can you explain a little better. thank you

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