bought an mpk25. toads lost
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    Default bought an mpk25. toads lost

    so ive finally decided to make the switch to producing but the learning curve from an easy to use program like traktor to ableton is huge for me. as the title says I have a mpk25 now to try and mess around with and it came with ableton live lite 8. for the life of me i cant get anything working. would anyone be so kind as to walk me through so i can at least just play with it a little?

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    I would go watch a bunch of youtube tutorials on ableton before anything. Mapping your controller is useless if you dont know the program.

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    true talk, and I have a bit. but the this lite edition is specific for the mpk25, its even got a preset for it.

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    try this -

    Or this -

    Getting the keys linked up should be easy

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