Hi guys,

I'm trying to integrate Traktor with some visuals I'm building using Quartz Composer patches and VDMX. What I basically want to do, is to be able to improvise which songs are playing, but plan visuals for specific parts of each song.

It seems that most people who integrate sound and visuals this way use Ableton Live/Max, but I really want to use Traktor because I find it a lot better for improvising.

As far as I can tell, I need two feeds of data: which song is playing, and the playing position in the song. The only approach I have found so far is to send the Seek Position MIDI control for track position, and to parse broadcast stream metadata in real time for track info. However, the seek position has very low resolution (128 values, which for a 4-minute track means you may be off by almost 2 seconds - imagine strobes coming on during the silence before a Big Drop!)

To phrase that as a couple of questions:

1. Is there anyone out there who have tried (and hopefully succeeded) controlling timed visuals from Traktor?

2. Does anyone know of an easier way of learning which track is currently playing?

3. Does anyone know of a more exact+reliable way of getting the playing position?