Cheap Monitor Stands? (Ikea hacks?)
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    Default Cheap Monitor Stands? (Ikea hacks?)

    Hey everybody, just looking for some cheap monitor stands for my DJ setup. I've got KRK 6's and I was thinking about a floating shelf from ikea but I think they're too heavy and too wide to set on one. Any suggestions?

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    I've got the same monitors! (Love em!) I'm also in the same spot as you. I was using 2, 3.5 ft Target nightstands for a while, but their footprint is as big as the KRKs and They were up on my desk, increasing clutter. I also thought about the wall shelves, but I think they're max rated at 15 lbs. (we have two that stay up perfectly with just candles and pictures on them). I'm going to try Home depot in a few days, see if any of the DIY geniuses there have any ideas.
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    Check out Xone's setup.

    There 're probably others as well but his is the first that comes to mind.

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