Storing Cue/loops etc
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    Default Storing Cue/loops etc

    Might be a dumb question, but...

    I load my music into Traktor via iTunes. Somehow when I was updating my library, a good amount of my songs doubled up, so there are 2 of the same song in iTunes now, and hence Traktor too. If I go through and delete 1 of every duplicate, will my cues/loops etc for each song still be saved in Traktor. It saves to the song file itself right? So it doesn't matter which of the 2 I delete in iTunes?

    Basically I don't want to delete the 1 of the 2 of any song that is the one that has the points saved, being left with the duplicate that has nothing.


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    I would give it a "trial-and-error"-try with a few songs. In theory you're right. Traktor saves cuepoints and so on in the songfile (mp3 etc.) itself and if Itunes really duplicated the files then both should contain the same metadata and Traktor data.
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    I update my playlists within iTunes and access them within Traktor, I then move the Playlists into the playlist section of Traktor as you get additional information such as Cover art (which helps with selections) and other stuff. I get the duplication you are talking about and have always right clicked on the playlist within Traktor and requested to remove duplicates (faster than doing one by one as you suggest). Never had any issue with information being deleted. Works like a charm.

    However, if it does delete all your info don't blame me

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