New forum suggestion: Controllerism Battles
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    Default New forum suggestion: Controllerism Battles

    I did a quick search across the forums and was surprised I couldn't find anything for DJTT battles so, what do you guys think of starting up a new section of the forum dedicated to users battling eachother?

    It doesn't have to be a mixing battle, I'm more interested in short, fast paced routine battles for people using their controllers to sharpen their skills, connect with others who have similar styles, and have a bit of fun too.

    I'm thinking about having one thread (hopefully stickied) for users to propose their own rules for their battles or even call out a particular user. Maybe the winner can choose the terms for the next battle. For instance, I say "who's up for a short routine battle? one round each person, 1 minute time limit, use any sounds you have available, and shoot it on a webcam so we can see how you pull it off". Anyone interested submits their 1 minute routine, and any user can vote for one person.

    Or even specific battles - winner picks the next music genre, use this particular sample/effect at least once, use a turntable, no quantized clip launching, use only a Mad Zach sound pack, only the traktor remix decks, more rounds, longer rounds, or whatever makes it interesting and challenging.

    Once the users have shown interest in the callout thread the person who proposed the battle then opens a new thread for the entries to be posted and where the voting will be held. If all the different battles are in one thread it gets confusing to find whos submission is for which battle, a new section of the forum is probably the only way this will work without cluttering up the mixes and productions forum.

    Keep it friendly or raise the stakes high, either way the true winners are everyone who participates. Battles will improve your skills faster than bumming around aimlessly and keep you thinking creatively. And, it might get people new to the scene interested in learning how to play their controllers in a live setting. Hell, maybe it'll give controllerism a credibility boost and prove to disbelievers we aren't just "playing with toys"

    Any thoughts?

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