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    So I thought I finally got all my components together for my mobile dj service got a PA was happy with serato as my software option after going through an S4 a F1 traktor as a software the novation twitch which had a sound output problem the S4 just dropping out and then going with a vci 380 to run serato I thought I was ready.

    Then the vci has just taken the wind out of me it has so many problems currently and I don't know if I'm more fustrated with the board itself or serato as a program but the state it is currently in I would be afraid to accept a job unless I just used my novation twitch with the line amp fix sadly.

    Now I am thinking to return the vci and go for another option what do you guys and gals think here currently I am looking into doing weddings and some local parties but I really want to learn to be good at scratch djing so as I look at returning this vci I am trying to decided between getting a ns6 or the traktor version the 4trak and also thinking of getting a N7 to pair with it for scratching but I don't know if it would be better to just get a controller and worry about a dvs later or to just take the leap and get the NSFX7.

    The concern I have here is for mobility basically I want to replace my vci for the most reliable durable option on the market and I have aspriation of learning to scratch dj in the future and I'm not really certain which way to go I don't know if this is possible but I would love it if anyone knows can you run a ns6 on ssl with a NS7 running to the input of one of the channels??

    I know at this point I'm rambling but any thoughts are welcome even other controller solutions

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    Well to really make an assessment, we kinda have to know why you want to tank a 380, and have already gotten rid of an S4/F1 combo. It's hard to make a recommendation if we don't know what you don't like about the solutions you've had.

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