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    Hey all, I've been playing around with Virtual DJ and mixing various techno/house tracks. I've watched a ton of videos and listened to a number of mixes to figure out some guidelines to electro mixing.

    I've got the basics down, but am looking for some tips you've learned while mixing... Like turning the bass down on fading or upcoming songs?

    Also, lots of the music I listen to has long intro's followed intense by drops. Usually two. The mixes I've heard usually play about a minute and a half and include both parts. Others go from "drop" to "drop" making it very intense. When is a good time to transition in avg. 6 min songs?

    I want to cultivate my own style, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel either. Please post your electro mixing tips here!

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    Search the forums mate, there are quite a few threads on the subject

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