My idea for Trakor-Maschine-Ableton
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    Default My idea for Trakor-Maschine-Ableton

    Hi guys,

    I have been thinking for sometime now that i want to add some extra sparkle to my DJ sets rather than just playing one track after another with a few FX.

    I have been experimenting with running 2 track decks in traktor then with Decks C&D switch them to Live Input and have C running Ableton's output and D doing Maschine.

    Why do I want to use Live?

    Well I have loads of sample packs etc with some cool loops but running short loops in traktor like a Top loop setc seems to cause issues with the beatgridding. This is where Live comes in to play as I know how to warp stuff and I know it will be tight. I also like the idea of using the FX and Plugs in Live for some extra FX that Traktor does not have like the Ping Pong Delay.

    The Remix decks dont really tickle my fancy and I have the K2 controller as I dont like the F1 which at the moment seems to be the best way to use the Remix Decks.

    An iPad running TouchAble will be my controller of choice for Live as this enables me to see what happening on Screen with out needing to flick between Traktor and Live.

    Why Mashine?

    I have it so why not LOL.

    What are your thought on my idea above? Sometimes I get an idea in my head and dont realyl think about before purchasnig stuff.

    Do any of you do similar?

    Thoughts on a postcard please

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    switch to SSL and run the bridge with any controller you want... easy as pie

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    Or maybe forget ableton and use a rewire-ish software (soundflower or smthg) to route maschine straight into one of traktor decks? this way you could make use of traktor mixer and effects.

    That would only make sense while mixing ITB, tough.

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    Using SoundFlower or Jack OSX to rewire Maschine's audio into traktor wil give you a lot of unwanted latency I know for a fact.
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    i run the output of two decks from mixxx into ableton, do all my effects and adding of clips in there as well as mixing. before that i was using the same setup but with traktor. using soundflower for the routing and don't *notice* any real latency.
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    not sure if you use a mac, but if you do you should definitely make use of the iac driver for the midi sync between all ur programs. it is way tighter than the traktor virtual midi out. never had maschine slip out of beat on me.

    i don't use maschine as a live input cos i kinda like using the maschine's mixer/outs to push my maschine mix into the main output channels or switch back to my cuemix. that way i don't lose a deck in traktor!

    i haven't toyed around with it much but there is a vst host you can route traktor into that lets you put vst fx into traktor. it is called 'stompy' on

    i'd be interested with ur setup, i haven't tried routing traktor into ableton but if you can get that integration working well, the possibilities are endless!

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    Personally I have Ableton routed into my C & D decks in Traktor. I have a launchpad so 4 columns go to C and 4 to D. That way I can mix whatever I'm doing in Live. I find that it works really well. I'm thinking about switching it around a little bit and having all of Live going into deck C and a Kaossilator going into deck D to fool around on.

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    I am still toying with this idea in my head, I am not naturally that creative with using loops and sample etc. Some people hear a tune and think 'that would be wikkid looped up with xxx', where as I need to think a little more.

    It's a shame that Traktor has such a hard time gridding sample pack loops and other short loops as dropping loops in to the track decks would be ace but the leg work involved is not worth the hassel. (Unless any of you have any ideas on how to do this?)

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    I've got this running and routed on my Windows machine. The main problem I have is tempo drift as I'm using LoopBe1 internal midi port. Does a time consuming tempo bounce up and down until it finally settles in on the correct tempo. I've set Maschine as master clock and have Traktor and Ableton slaved to it. I can toggle in and out of MIDI mode on either my Maschine or my Mikro to control Maschine software and I also have MIDI maps for my S2, Maschine, and Mikro to control Ableton. You can toggle between MIDI maps on the fly and I've done them in a fashion that will not overlap with my Traktor mappings.
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