TRAKTOR SCRATCH calibration problem help??
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    Default TRAKTOR SCRATCH calibration problem help??

    Hi, I am having some problems with my Traktor scratch duo software.Sometimes When I hook it up with my turntables the song playing on deck A or B starts going backwards for a few seconds or sometimes it skips. Is this a calibration problem? The calibration usually looks bad and a bit messy... but when I try to calibrate it it always fails. I bought traktor aboit 5 months ago and it worked fine and till now. what else could it be?

    Thank you

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    check the bit rate in audio settings and make sure it matches what you have ur interface set to...i.e. both should either be 44.1 or 48...etc
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    Clean up your records and most importantly, your styli.

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    Thank you, I'll try your adivices now

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    2 threads on this?

    Clean needles, clean records, check connections, if all else fails, reinstall traktor.
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