Serato 1.9.1 Beta
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    Default Serato 1.9.1 Beta

    Some major highlights.

    - The SP-6 functionality has been expanded. In the top right corner of the SP-6 there is a new button - the Sample Player Display Menu. Clicking on this will popup a menu with the list of available controls:

    * Mode - Choose Trigger / One-Shot / Hold / Repeat modes.
    !!!!! * Pitch - Pitch Slider / Bend / Nudge / Keylock controls. !!!!!!
    * Play from - Choose which cue point / loop to use for the sample.
    * Overview - Displays the overview.
    * level - Individual Level and Gain controls.
    * level meter - Displays the level meter for the sample.

    - You can also now instant double to and from the sample player by dragging and dropping from a deck onto a sample slot and vice versa.

    - Triggering a cue point when a cue point is not set now sets the cue point.

    - The Scratch LIVE GUI now runs smoother when in MIDI assign mode.

    - Improved library load times.

    - Improved performance when opening and closing the Browse panel.

    - The track key is now displayed next to the song title in the virtual deck area.

    - Improved the alignment between instant-doubled tracks to reduce the occurrence of the "flanging" sound between tracks in internal mode.

    - Changed autoloop behaviour so that if you autoloop when the playhead is already outside of an already active loop, and new autoloop is made instead of changing the length of the existing loop.

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    i have huge respect for so many music industry company's out there...but i really like what rane/serato is doing.

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