Ok, so I'm getting close to throw out everything by the window...
I use Live with an APC40 and Quirksmode Dj template, which I like (http://www.quirksmode.co.uk/dj/dj-template/).
I have added 4 midi channels with Stutter Edit VST each controlling the 4 decks. This is controlled by a Nanokey2 set up on MIDI channel 10. This works.
Now I want to add up a NanoKontrol2 to the set up to either control return tracks with other effects, or, like I just did, to control a pingpong delay with freeze on each of the 4 decks. The NanoKontrol is set up on MIDI channel 12.
I would expect no conflict in MIDI. Also, I would expect that I can "lock" each controller to one particular set of functions???
Well, (HELL), no. After a few minutes I lose all the controls of the original template. Also the only controller that shows up for "locking" is the APC40. What am I doing wrong? Is it feasible?

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks