I'm interested in who's using a xone 4d with an mbp & what settings/levels you seem to operate at.

I picked up a xone 4d last week & I'm finding that as soon as I connect it to my mbp via usb I get a spike to -3 on the channel leds & then I'm left with a hiss like static noise. Phonos are silent, this only is on the soundcard channels, 2 & 3 are the worst, 1 a bit less & 4 is acceptably quiet. My faders are at -3, channel levels are at 0 or 12 o'clock, booth outputs at about 5.5/6 & the main output about 5.5/6 as well. I'm getting this noise thru the cue headphone output, the monitor outputs & the main outputs at these settings with no audio passing thru the system & no software running. If you engage the phono circuits there's silence.

I'm finding out thru research that macs can have "problematic usb architecture" & a usb ground loop could be the problem & an isolator may be a solution. But before I start buying stuff to try to deal with it ( & I've had no definite answer that this is the problem) I'm interested in other peoples experience with this set up.

I intend to have it looked at, just want to make sure it's not a problem at my end first

Seriously considering moving it on & going for a 92 & two 1d's

Thanks in advance, really looking forward to some feedback, cheers