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    Default What to do?

    Hey Guys! i need your help!

    im in that situation that i dont know what gear i should use when spinning

    right now i own:
    CDJ 1000 mk3 x2
    Technics 1200 mk2 x2
    DJM 800
    Kontrol x1
    Audio 6
    Traktor scratch pro 2

    The problem comes by that my computer isn't stable any more... (i dont trust it to dj)
    and i only gor a little bit of cash on me...

    so should i sell the CDJ's and the Technics and buy 2 cdj 900?
    or just burn CD's of my whole libary of music? (went from cd's to Traktor 1 year ago, so my CD collection needs a restart)

    or sell the technics and buy a new computer? or the cdj's?

    if im going to buy a new laptop for Traktor only! /logic if its a mac.
    should i go for pc or Mac?
    if its a pc laptop. i would make a hackintosh for Logic

    What to do you guys think i should do? im asking you guys because i really cant figure it out and i got a gig on the 22 of september (big one)

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    Well, depending on what pioneer does tomorrow the price of the 900's could drop some.
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