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    Default Individual Deck App for Android

    found an android app i think its called digital turntable. anyway pretty sick. Shows wave form 8% + or - with .01 resolution and keylock. Works as an individual Deck.

    Shows wave forms allows you to scrub through the track and has needle drop. Cue didnt work but I mean it was pretty good no latency i could detect.

    ill find the specifics when my phone gets charged up.
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    confession time: I clicked on this thread only because my dirty mind made a connection between "6 analogues and 14 digitals" and "2 girls 1 cup".
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    Ooh, this sounds like the move at the moment. is their a setup, or all you do is plug in the usb?

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    Think you're talking about Virtual DJ Turntable, there's a free version (ad supported) and a paid version. If that's the one then awesome, my friend made that app and I helped with the user interface and user experience for it. Was a real fun project to work on.

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