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"Us who use vintage mixers" should know that the faders on the mixer are more than simple on/off witches and that channel faders don't have to be slammed all up to the top.

When mixing with a rotary mixer for example, you would usually set your channel faders to maybe seven for your average track. This would give you plenty of headroom if you wanted to play a track that wasn't mastered that loud. If you had a louder record you just left the fader at maybe between 6 and 7. Same can be done with the usual channel faders.
If you're crossfadermixing, use the crossfader for the relative volume of the two tracks and the channel faders of the absolute loudness of the channels.
Yes, when using my old Numarks, I play at the Numark recommended level 7 (the gray area on their volume control). I mentioned at a later post that using Platinum Notes helped a lot. I rarely adjust my volume. This is the review I read that prompt me to try it.